Mastering the Art of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is an extraordinary fusion of creativity, style, and narrative. Photography and fashion are codependent bedfellows that both feed each other's needs and validate each other through expression. Fashion photography is as iconic as fashion itself and has been a powerful pioneer in capturing the zeitgeist. It is more than taking pictures of clothing or accessories, fashion photography can encapsulate the deep rooted relationship between the designer, the model and the world around them. It is a collaborative process that is an artform unto itself. Whether you are an aspiring fashion photographer or just a fan of fashion photography, be ready to be inspired!

Left: Woman with her hands in her eyes, posing to the camera with black clothing and several jewellery accessories, such as earings, bracelet, rings. Left: Woman posing to the camera wearing a black suit. Both images are Fashion Photography.

Understanding the essence of fashion photography

Fashion is so much more than clothing. It is a cultural phenomenon and universal form of personal expression. Before a photographer picks up their camera, they must understand the power of fashion and their role in the story, because that is exactly what it is, it is storytelling. When a person opens a magazine they are looking at more than the clothing or jewellery, they are looking for a dream, it is an ideal and must be both relatable and aspirational. When planning a photoshoot, the photographer needs to get to grips with the designers ethos and their goal. A fashion shoot must make a statement and provoke a reaction. Photographers who get how creativity, style, and storytelling are combined in fashion photography have the power to produce strong visual narratives that connect with viewers.

Creating the base: Technical skills in fashion photography

The first and most obvious step towards fashion photography is the mastering of the technical components of capturing images. The core abilities required for all photographers include camera settings, equipment choices, and lighting. Fashion photography also involves skills and techniques in directing and positioning models. The photographer needs to make a connection with the model in order to extract a strong performance from them. They need to make the model feel at ease enough to freely express themselves. While this can be fun and fascinating, it is however the fashion that must always take centre stage.

A man in a tunnel wearing light colour outfit - Fashion photography.

Developing your individual style while nurturing creativity

While having strong technical abilities is important, fashion photographers also need to develop their own distinctive style. Photographers can nurture their own creative vision by drawing inspiration from art, culture, fashion, and personal experiences. In the cutthroat field of fashion photography, embracing uniqueness and developing a signature style are essential.

The various genres of fashion photography, include editorial, commercial, and avant-garde. A photographer must find their niche and put their signature stamp on it.

Fashion photography composition and visual storytelling

The composition of a photograph is everything you see in an image and therefore means everything must be there for a reason. Think of composition as literally anything that is composed. Just as in music, every note and every instrument plays its part in coming together to create a symphony. The same applies visually in a photograph. Great composition is a complete story in an image. Techniques used to create powerful compositions include leading lines, the rule of thirds and the golden ratio among others. A large amount of fashion photography is shot in a studio and stage design can be a massive component to the story being told. Be mindful of every single detail in your frame. It is all part of the narrative.

A photographer and model during a photoshot, fashion photography.

Working with a Fashion Team

It's rare that a fashion photographer will work alone. There is generally a collection of qualified individuals, such as models, makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion stylists. This is where the value of cooperation and clear communication skills are most appreciated. Photographers who can work with others and encourage a creative, supportive and healthy environment will not only garner better results, but will contribute to a non-toxic work culture of creativity and collaboration. 

Enhancing the final results post-production

Post-production is also a major part of fashion photography. While it is vital to possess editing skills, it is the responsibility of the photographer to maintain the integrity of not only the model, but the image they have captured. Post-production is the process of enhancing a photograph and in fashion, it should be treated as such. People are more and more aware of the unachievable beauty standards created by over-editing models and celebrities which has made many overworked beauty images increasingly unpopular. Retouching, colour grading, improving textures, and modifying lighting is all part of the process but unless otherwise instructed, the temptation to allow a photograph to become so retouched that it is in essence an illustration, must be resisted. Photography is the medium, animation is something else entirely.

A woman wearing a bodysuit and boots, artistic photo, fashion photography.

Navigating the fashion photography industry

Fashion photography is a business and if you want to get paid, you need to understand the commercial side of the industry.  Building a solid portfolio, using marketing techniques, and creating a brand are important starting points but it is an ongoing process. Networking, keeping up with business trends, and taking advantage of chances to promote your company are part of the day to day and can be the difference between work or no work. The ability to manoeuvre the market calls for a trifecta of creativity, business sense, and tenacity.

Fashion photography has the power to launch cultural phenomena. It has captured the imagination of the masses and has pioneered entire cultural shifts. A fashion photographer must run wild with creativity and completely saturate themself in the industry. Fashion photographers over the decades have been bigger than rock stars and more powerful than politicians. It is a whirlwind of creativity and can be an enthralling career path for a photographer. Have a look at the big names in fashion photography like David Bailey, Tim Walker and Ellen Von Unwerth to name but a few. Their work shows how fashion photography is a true art form and has the power to influence the masses.

Recommended reading: Have a peek at Leigh Keily’s book, Photographing Fashion: Art and Techniques.

A fashion portrait photography of two woman with make-up and elegant/modern outfits.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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