Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions, if you don't see an answer to your question or would like further clarification please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to give you all the information that you need.

  • Our Courses

    Are the courses accredited?

    Yes, The British Academy of Photography is a BTEC approved learning centre. We have also earned accreditation from the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC). View full details of our affiliations and accreditations.

    How can I access the course materials?

    All course materials including video content is downloaded from our Online Learning Centre.

    What support will I receive during the course?

    On registration you will be assigned a personal tutor to guide you through the learning process. You can contact your tutor directly by email, telephone or on the Forum at anytime. You can access each of these through the Online Learning Centre.

    Do you offer work placements?

    Yes, graduates of the British Academy of Photography postgraduate diploma course are eligible for a guaranteed one month internship with a photography company. All placements are made in the greater London and Manchester areas. Please note that you need to be eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

    Are your courses accessible for the hard of hearing?

    Yes. All of the British Academy of Photography courses have been developed to be accessible to the hard of hearing. All course training videos include subtitles and our tutors are dedicated to providing a seamless learning experience for all students.

  • Course Requirements

    English is not my first language. Will this course be too difficult for me?

    It depends. All of our courses have been developed to facilitate ease of learning using straight-forward and simple English with the selective use of important industry specific vocabulary. Our training videos include English subtitles to support and enhance your understanding of the topic.

    Written assignments will need to be completed in competent but not perfect English and our tutors will be on hand to help you every step of the way.

    Do I have to attend any classes if I do the home study course?

    No. There is no requirement to attend any classes if you are doing the home study version of our courses. You are however welcome to attend optional online weekly chats with other students and tutors, which you can access through the Online Learning Centre.

    Do I have to attend all the classes if I do the classroom-based course?

    No. There is no requirement to attend all classes if you are doing the classroom-based version of our courses. We do however recommend you attend as many classes as you are able to as these will provide you with invaluable support in the completion of your course.

  • Choosing the Right Course

    What are the benefits of doing the home-study version of the course?

    Our home study courses offer you the flexibility to complete your assignments when it is convenient for you. You can work at your own pace and spend as much or as little time on an assignment as you need.

    What are the benefits of doing the classroom-based version of the course?

    Our classroom-based courses cover the same material as the home study course but with the added benefit of weekly or bi-monthly classes conducted by our expert tutors. This blended learning approach ensures that you receive the optimum support and knowledge with the least amount of disruption to your personal schedule.

  • BTEC Accreditation

    What is BTEC?

    The British Education and Training Council (BTEC) has been the most successful applied learning brand for over twenty five years. BTEC is administered by Edexcel who are owned by Pearson Education, the world's largest education brand.

    What are BTEC courses?

    BTEC courses are vocational courses which allow students to gain the practical skills needed to enter directly into the workforce or to gain access to the second or third year of university.

    Where can I study BTEC courses?

    BTEC courses are only offered by approved learning centres whose staff, tutors and courses have been thoroughly vetted, and are continually monitored by Edexcel.

  • Assignments

    How are the assignments submitted?

    Completed assignments can be uploaded to our Online Learning Centre.

    How are assignment results given?

    Assignment results including a grade sheet with feedback from your personal tutor will be available to download from our Online Learning Centre within two weeks of submission. Results will also be emailed to you.

  • During Your Course

    Will I receive a student card?

    We provide student cards upon request at no additional charge. Simply upload your photo via our Online Learning Centre and you will receive your student card by post within two weeks. British Academy of Photography student cards can be used to avail of student discounts.

  • After Your Course

    Is there a graduation?

    Yes. We hold a graduation ceremony every autumn where all students who have completed a certificate, diploma or postgraduate course during the year can receive their award.

    What initials can I use after completing one of the courses?

    After successful completion of a course you may put letters after your name. Depending on which course you take you can use one of the following: 'Cert Ph (BAP)'; 'Dip Ph (BAP)' or 'Dip PG Ph (BAP)'

    Can I use your logo on my business cards and website once I graduate?

    Yes. We would be delighted for you to use our logo to help you launch your new career. Simply contact us following your course completion and we will provide you with the appropriate logo file for your needs.