Emily Miller: Becoming a successful Photographer

We caught up with one of our photography graduates, Emily Miller, to find out why she chose to study photography and how the course has benefited her.

"I started this course not knowing what type of photography I wanted to get into. I just enjoyed taking photographs of anything and everything," says Emily. "But as I learnt more about my camera, light and the history of photography, I realised my passion was people. I absolutely love how light can manipulate the contours of the face, different facial expressions and the different positions you can pose the body."


Becoming a photographer

Emily started her business halfway through the photography course - "right after I had asked family and friends to come forward for me to practice," says Emily. 

The word about her work began to spread, "a lot of children were put forward" and she "started getting requests for quotes of sessions from friends of friends and their friends. So I guess you could say I fell into child photography and I love it!", says Emily. 

Newborn session (Image courtesy Emily Miller Photography)


Newborn photography

After completing the course, Emily started specialising in certain areas of photography, such as newborn photography.

"One area I have come to absolutely love is newborn photography. I have taken numerous workshops on posing, lighting and editing and have found that newborn photography is my most challenging, yet most rewarding subject of all."


New projects

Whilst photographing children and babies are, as she says, her passion, she also comes to love photographing grown-ups. "My mind has been going wild with ideas so I have hired a few models to make these ideas real. I have now started being hired for portrait sessions and even a bit of boudoir."

"Vampire girl" project (Image courtesy Emily Miller Photography)


The photography course as a kickstart to push Emily's career

"I truly believe that without this course, I would not be where I am in my career today. The course has been the foundation and the kick start that I needed to push myself further to succeed. The tutors were amazing and would help with anything I needed, every step of the way."

Emily told us how along the way she was "able to figure out which area of photography my passion lies and where my strengths are" and also how she met some amazing friends, "who I am still in touch with today", says Emily. 

"I am so happy I found this course and would do it all over again if I could."


You can find more about Emily Miller and her photography on her website and Facebook.


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Written by: Ines Tome

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